Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life as of lately

I for some unknown reason am unable to write or log in to my regular blog and so I know I can post a blog post via email so here I go. Its been a long while since I have posted or written anything and have so many emotions and feelings and thoughts bottled up that if I don't write them down I may just explode, so maybe I did that today at my doctor's office. 

Yes I will make it blog official, I am pregnant, baby #5! So I probably need to change my blog name, thinking 5 kids and still no dog! Kind of catchy :).  She, yes it is a little girl, to which I wasn't too surprised to find out because the last two years I have been having a little girl come to me in my dreams, is due Feb. 28th. I am labeled high risk because of my "advanced maternal age" and high blood pressure, previous pre-eclampsia, getestational diabetes, and premature labor. But so far no diabetes, and baby is growing healthy and bigger every day. 

Today I went for a check up before my travels to Hawaii,
Corrine Simonsen

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There was an old lady who lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn't know what to do...
her husband has been jobless for almost 2 years, her children are so loud she wishes plugs for her ears.
She works out side the home several days a week, but comes home to full house work, which makes her feel weak.
So tired, so stressed, so utterly feeling alone, off to the gym she goes running and it feels like home.
Her prayers feel unanswered, her tears left alone to dry, her mind set for something better, no idea how to try.
Her frustration is mounting, the laundry collecting, the clock keeps on ticking, her life feels to be slipping.
No one to tell, her inner turmoil, no one she wants to know of her deep dark tale.
Her thoughts go a racing at all that life brings her facing.
She's tired. She's warn.
She's at her last straw.
If only she wonders,
a perfect life picture she draws.
Children bring smiles, laughter and tears, they continue to grow with the increasing years.
It will go fast so everyone says, but wonders how when minutes feel like days.
There is an old woman who lives in a shoe, with God on her side she knows what to do.
Praying each day, a scripture or two, seem to help her when she feels blue.
But alone she continues to struggle and live, and knows that something just has to give.
So she decides to forget about having a perfect house,
and hopes that the mess doesn't draw one more mouse.
Her kids are all dressed, not in the fancy name brands,
she continues to work, and still at the end of the day stands.
With a smile on her aged wringled face,
telling herself she is in the right place.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Its Potty Time My Little Pee...

Walking down the aisle, reaching for the last few items, I tried to talk my body into "waiting" until we get home. "I can hold it...I live five minutes away. I only have a few more items to get....I can wait" I kept telling myself as I pushed my shopping cart with Two running, rather being dragged by me through the store.

"No I can not wait." I said to no one in particular. "Lets go Two!" I make her run.

I shoved the cart by the door, grabbed T- Rex from the seat and headed for the handicap stall. Holding T-Rex in one hand and trying to unbutton my pants, and getting Two to come in the stall with me was a little challenging.

I sat down still holding T-Rex. I was just glad to have made it to the bathroom. Then Two plops on the floor and peers under the stall.

"Mommy there's a lady in there."

"I know. Get up off the floor. Stop looking under the stall"

I reached over to pull her back, trying to keep my bare bum on the seat and balanced with T-Rex still in hand. She stands up. Then loud and proud said, "Mom why are you pooping.Its stinky. Why does pooh stink so much?"

And before I can answer she pops back down, with T-rex with her.

"Mom she is pulling up her pants."

"Two get up!...T-Rex...stop...get...over here" I ordered as he slipped further under the stall...

"I am sorry." which I got no response. I sat and was hoping she was done, considering the update Two gave me.

"Flush" ..... Flush, Flush.... Two found the little black button on the back of the toilet. Now that my back side is sufficiently wet, I hold both of my kids by their waist bands.

Two and T-Rex are under my control for a few seconds...plop! Back on the ground they went.

"She is still sitting!"

"Two!!! I am so sorry!!!!"

I hurriedly finish up thinking "I will beat her out of the stalls to the sink!"

Hoping to not have to face our poor bathroom victim, off we go to wash our hands. We were almost in the clear, drying our hands when out she came. I quickly dry their hands and apologize again, when the bathroom door opens, and in walks a mullet haired, baggy red U of U shirt, over stuffed jeaned woman.

"Mom, Mom....why is there a man in here?"

Oh my goodness can I just ignore that comment??

"No Sweetie that's a woman."

I grabbed my kids and headed out of the bathroom as I left the words..."I am sorry."

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Thursday, September 10, 2009


>>  Of course the house would come with a stainless steel self cleaning kitchen, and self cleaning bathrooms. 
do they MAKE those?  If so, I want them, too!


If I had one wish for something of a material nature, not to be shared with anyone else, it would be a a home of my very own. Well in all actuality (is that a word) I wouldn't want anything that wouldn't be shared. My house would be big enough for our family, yet small enough to keep itself mostly clean.  Not too showy, nice and homey!  Inside would be beach colors and a big comfy family sofa.  And I'd say I'd really like locks on my bedroom door, and a nice big master bath with a hot tub....and a swimming pool and playground outside. 
A place where I could invite friends and family over and hang out and have a lot of fun.  Of course the house would come with a stainless steel self cleaning kitchen, and self cleaning bathrooms.  Oh and a laundry room with hanging and shelf space so I could fold and put away there. 
I guess that just might be more than one wish. But that is my wish.  A home.  One to be shared with my family. 
But then again, I'd really like a secret vacation home for me, to escape to....maybe my next wish!

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    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    TUesday Prompt : Ring Corrine

    Ring Ring....the phone awakened me from a deep sleep. 
    As I cleared my throat.."uh uh hello?"
    "I am sorry did I wake you up?"  asked the unknown yet familiar caller.
    "Not a problem. I need to get up and get the kids from school." 
    "This is Shelly, the secretary from Hidden Hollow elementary."
    "Oh yes, hi how are you doing?"  I asked with a little bit of worry.
    "I am doing alright.  I am calling because the principal received your email inquiring about the position in our special education class."
    "Oh great, for a second I thought one of my children was in trouble." I giggled a sigh of relief. 
    "Oh no just calling to see if you could meet Mrs. Rich in the moring to go over your resume." 
    "That would be wonderful.  What time?"
    "Would 9 Am work?"
    "Yes I will see you then. Thanks so much."
    As I hung up the phone I was amazed to have received a call so soon after sending the email.  This would be an anwer to our  prayers, working at our school with my kids. 
    I glanced down at the wedding ring on my left hand that I haven't had the courage to take off since my husbands passing. With eyes upward I know he is watching and looking out for me.  If only he was around to call and share in this exciting moment.   

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    Corrines Leasons of Summer

    Summer came and went too fast.  Summer came and went too slow!  Never thought the summer break would get here, and never thought the school year would  ever come.  I love summer time. I would say I am a summer person.  Hence Hawaii made me happy, warmth, sun and water, I couldn't ask for more.  
    Spending time with my four young kids brought me to a knowledge of life goes fast, and that all the little things should be enjoyed.  When it came time for the kids to pull the I am bored card out, and chores didn't fill that bored itch, I discovered spending time with each of us made them happy.  We didn't have to spend lots of money to have fun or enjoy the summer life, we just had to spend it together.  Whether we would just go for a walk, or to a neighborhood park, or take the little drive up to the lake, or even hang out at the restaurant together, there was laughter and enjoyment. 
    I truly felt bad heading into the summer with no money, a new neighborhood, a new home, and a life as a single mom.   But we made it.  I was able, well most days, to handle the kids alone, though I do truly appreciate my husband and all he used to do around the house, and appreciate him when he is able to be around.  I learned to try to be creative in our activities and made an extra effort to make new friends not only for the kids but for me.
    I grew a lot this summer.  I discovered much about myself.  I am adaptable and flexible.  I make friends where ever I go.  Someone the other day said to me how surprised she was at how I am the new girl and I am organizing and getting people together.  I try.  Though I realized that I am a homebody too, there were days where I had to beg and plead with my children to just stay home  There weren't many of those, and well many nights I wish I had a good book to read. Which by the way reminds me I need to take the kids to the library.
    Anyway the tv is way too loud for me to even think straight. 
    Timmy and Emily are walking around the house with their baby strollers.  Not sure what Timmmy is going to do when Emily goes to preschool. Oh just had an idea.....well I think I have been babbling for awhile.