Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Corrines Leasons of Summer

Summer came and went too fast.  Summer came and went too slow!  Never thought the summer break would get here, and never thought the school year would  ever come.  I love summer time. I would say I am a summer person.  Hence Hawaii made me happy, warmth, sun and water, I couldn't ask for more.  
Spending time with my four young kids brought me to a knowledge of life goes fast, and that all the little things should be enjoyed.  When it came time for the kids to pull the I am bored card out, and chores didn't fill that bored itch, I discovered spending time with each of us made them happy.  We didn't have to spend lots of money to have fun or enjoy the summer life, we just had to spend it together.  Whether we would just go for a walk, or to a neighborhood park, or take the little drive up to the lake, or even hang out at the restaurant together, there was laughter and enjoyment. 
I truly felt bad heading into the summer with no money, a new neighborhood, a new home, and a life as a single mom.   But we made it.  I was able, well most days, to handle the kids alone, though I do truly appreciate my husband and all he used to do around the house, and appreciate him when he is able to be around.  I learned to try to be creative in our activities and made an extra effort to make new friends not only for the kids but for me.
I grew a lot this summer.  I discovered much about myself.  I am adaptable and flexible.  I make friends where ever I go.  Someone the other day said to me how surprised she was at how I am the new girl and I am organizing and getting people together.  I try.  Though I realized that I am a homebody too, there were days where I had to beg and plead with my children to just stay home  There weren't many of those, and well many nights I wish I had a good book to read. Which by the way reminds me I need to take the kids to the library.
Anyway the tv is way too loud for me to even think straight. 
Timmy and Emily are walking around the house with their baby strollers.  Not sure what Timmmy is going to do when Emily goes to preschool. Oh just had an idea.....well I think I have been babbling for awhile. 


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