Monday, May 12, 2008


Every winter at the end of semester break, Sharon eagerly awaited the opportunity to hop on a train to head back home for a much needed rest. With finals over and another semester behind her, she feels as though life is quickly passing her by, yet at the same time just not going fast enough, is that really possible?

What a feeling it is to go from a super fast passed city to a much more surreal tranquil old town where everyone literally knows her. As she sits on the train today watching the snow hit the windows she notices the barren trees getting dressed all in white. There is no noise other than the whooshing of the train, it is almost an eerie peace. Before too long the weather has blanketed the train in white, leaving it impossible to see out the windows; perfect time for a nap.

Sleep is hard to come. Her mind still agonizing over chemistry facts mixed with Russian vocabulary. What a grueling semester! She begins to snicker at the thoughts of her roommates and the silly things they accomplished, like dressing up in their most formal dresses and heading over to McDonalds for a bite to eat. Everyone stared at them wondering why four young gals dressed to the nines in long flowing gowns at noon chose to feast at the local fast food joint.

"Next stop Freemont, be prepared to deboard the train." The announcer interrupts her thoughts. She quickly gathers up her sweaters, and checks below her seat to be sure she didn't drop anything. As she stands up she bundles herself in her scarf and sweaters, and then her jacket. She steps off the train, two suitcases in hand and a purse over her shoulder, to only see the depot, a beautifully restored Victorian building older than her great grandmother, in stark whiteness against the black sky and empty of any living thing. How was she to get home?

Liberty Depot Poster by William Mangum