Thursday, September 10, 2009


>>  Of course the house would come with a stainless steel self cleaning kitchen, and self cleaning bathrooms. 
do they MAKE those?  If so, I want them, too!


If I had one wish for something of a material nature, not to be shared with anyone else, it would be a a home of my very own. Well in all actuality (is that a word) I wouldn't want anything that wouldn't be shared. My house would be big enough for our family, yet small enough to keep itself mostly clean.  Not too showy, nice and homey!  Inside would be beach colors and a big comfy family sofa.  And I'd say I'd really like locks on my bedroom door, and a nice big master bath with a hot tub....and a swimming pool and playground outside. 
A place where I could invite friends and family over and hang out and have a lot of fun.  Of course the house would come with a stainless steel self cleaning kitchen, and self cleaning bathrooms.  Oh and a laundry room with hanging and shelf space so I could fold and put away there. 
I guess that just might be more than one wish. But that is my wish.  A home.  One to be shared with my family. 
But then again, I'd really like a secret vacation home for me, to escape to....maybe my next wish!

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Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 8:00:31 AM

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    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    TUesday Prompt : Ring Corrine

    Ring Ring....the phone awakened me from a deep sleep. 
    As I cleared my throat.."uh uh hello?"
    "I am sorry did I wake you up?"  asked the unknown yet familiar caller.
    "Not a problem. I need to get up and get the kids from school." 
    "This is Shelly, the secretary from Hidden Hollow elementary."
    "Oh yes, hi how are you doing?"  I asked with a little bit of worry.
    "I am doing alright.  I am calling because the principal received your email inquiring about the position in our special education class."
    "Oh great, for a second I thought one of my children was in trouble." I giggled a sigh of relief. 
    "Oh no just calling to see if you could meet Mrs. Rich in the moring to go over your resume." 
    "That would be wonderful.  What time?"
    "Would 9 Am work?"
    "Yes I will see you then. Thanks so much."
    As I hung up the phone I was amazed to have received a call so soon after sending the email.  This would be an anwer to our  prayers, working at our school with my kids. 
    I glanced down at the wedding ring on my left hand that I haven't had the courage to take off since my husbands passing. With eyes upward I know he is watching and looking out for me.  If only he was around to call and share in this exciting moment.