Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TUesday Prompt : Ring Corrine

Ring Ring....the phone awakened me from a deep sleep. 
As I cleared my throat.."uh uh hello?"
"I am sorry did I wake you up?"  asked the unknown yet familiar caller.
"Not a problem. I need to get up and get the kids from school." 
"This is Shelly, the secretary from Hidden Hollow elementary."
"Oh yes, hi how are you doing?"  I asked with a little bit of worry.
"I am doing alright.  I am calling because the principal received your email inquiring about the position in our special education class."
"Oh great, for a second I thought one of my children was in trouble." I giggled a sigh of relief. 
"Oh no just calling to see if you could meet Mrs. Rich in the moring to go over your resume." 
"That would be wonderful.  What time?"
"Would 9 Am work?"
"Yes I will see you then. Thanks so much."
As I hung up the phone I was amazed to have received a call so soon after sending the email.  This would be an anwer to our  prayers, working at our school with my kids. 
I glanced down at the wedding ring on my left hand that I haven't had the courage to take off since my husbands passing. With eyes upward I know he is watching and looking out for me.  If only he was around to call and share in this exciting moment.   

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