Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life as of lately

I for some unknown reason am unable to write or log in to my regular blog and so I know I can post a blog post via email so here I go. Its been a long while since I have posted or written anything and have so many emotions and feelings and thoughts bottled up that if I don't write them down I may just explode, so maybe I did that today at my doctor's office. 

Yes I will make it blog official, I am pregnant, baby #5! So I probably need to change my blog name, thinking 5 kids and still no dog! Kind of catchy :).  She, yes it is a little girl, to which I wasn't too surprised to find out because the last two years I have been having a little girl come to me in my dreams, is due Feb. 28th. I am labeled high risk because of my "advanced maternal age" and high blood pressure, previous pre-eclampsia, getestational diabetes, and premature labor. But so far no diabetes, and baby is growing healthy and bigger every day. 

Today I went for a check up before my travels to Hawaii,
Corrine Simonsen

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