Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TUESDAY'S PROMPT: Corrine where did it go??

I know I set it down right here.  Where did it go??  I have search hi, and low, oh where did it go??  Think Corrine, think.  I am sure my library book didn't grow legs adn walk away.  However there are five other sets of legs around here.  
"Kids come here!" 
"I can't find the book from the library.  We need to find it." 
We lift up the couch.  "Mom I found my other shoe!"  And other than that and several dust bunnies....no book. 
We search through our book shelf, well actually little Timmy helped by dumping all the books on the floor.  And as we sort them back on the shelf, we discover a few books needing some surgery but no library book.  
Off to the kids rooms.  Lets sort through the clothes.  Fold and refold and put them back.  No book.  Under the beds is a great place to hide.   Lots of missing socks and undies and what is this, a dirty shirt and a very wet swim suit???  No book??
Oh where or where did it go?? 
The car?  Grab the vacuum, some trash bags and off we go.  Oh my goodness, ok no more food and eating in the car...when did we eat fries last??  Gross...."Kids there will be no more eating in the car."  Well until our next long drive and not only are the kids hungry but so is mom....Car is clean...no book. 
Its lost.  It is gone.  There really is no other place it could be.   OR is there? 
Maybe the little people that like to sneak into our dryer and steal socks for sleeping bags for their weekend camp outs needs a book to read....just wish I knew where they were hiding, so I could find my book.  Maybe they are scrabooking their latest camp-out??? 


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